Friday, May 1, 2015

New Zealand and Immigration

After waiting over 9 months, I was finally informed my visa was about to be approved. Since I had applied from outside Australia, I couldn't be in the country for them to actually process it. I did save some money by applying while we were still in Canada. We decided to take a quick trip to New Zealand and there were decent flights to Auckland.

It was an easy flight to over. We flew with Qantas and managed to get an emergency exit row. The food was better than on an flight within North America. There was a bit of turbulence, but nothing too bad. Customs was very quick since we took the 'All Passports' line and didn't wait to go through the fancy gates. I don't have a chipped passport and Cam's is so worn that the machines probably won't have accepted it anyway.

We took an expensive taxi to the equally expensive hotel in the city. It was nice hotel in a very convenient location. Our room did over look the bar and the dining room so there wasn't a lot of privacy. After some beer and pizza at the hotel's corner bar, we decided to find a bottle shop. The only problem we had was the fact the cashier at the bottle shop couldn't accept Cam's Victorian driver's license as a valid form of ID. He sold the beer to us anyway because how many under 18s do you know that have a luscious beard like Cam?

We had tucked in Wombie before heading out for dinner, but we came back to the bed made with him sitting on top. Early-ish to bed since there was a two hour time difference and we were exhausted from travel.

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