Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Auckland Day 4 - Grant Notification

Since I had applied for my Australian visa while in Canada, my application was handled by the High Commission in Ottawa. That meant that any communication that was sent by the person in charge of my case came during the night. It was stressful waking up every morning while I was waiting for any emails from them. I was up throughout the night looking at my phone to see if I had a flashing light telling me I had received an email.

It wasn't until 6:30am that I noticed that I had an email from TripAdvisor which is something I really didn't care about. Good thing I got that email though because it made me open up Inbox and I realized that I had received my visa grant notification, it just got put in the 'updates' folder that doesn't alert me to new mail. It was very exciting and a huge relief to finally see! The only problem was that it was 4:30am and Cam was definitely not awake back in Melbourne. I still messaged him though! Luckily my mother and my friend who are back in Canada were online and I told them the good news! I managed to get back to sleep only to be woken up by Cam messaging me back a few hours later.

My original flight had me leaving Auckland on the Friday since I had to plan to be out of Australia for five business days while my visa was processed. It was cheaper for me to buy a new flight home and fly out the next day since the hotel room was booked for another night.

I decided to walk to the bagel place beside the beer store we went to on our first full day. Sadly the bagels were too sweet for my liking and I left a bit disappointed. Because I am just so exciting, I ended up spending most of the day back at the hotel watching Netflixs and eating chips.

 I did venture out to a Japanese place that was much better than the previous one. Their spicy udon with chicken was just I wanted and it was perfect for the chilly night. Not wanting to be too boring, I headed next door for a drink. I almost left after a beer, but I got chatting to two locals. One knew all of the airport codes that Qantas flew to (and then some). We had a great chat about comedy and Canada. I was so caught up being social that I had forgotten about the video chat that Wombie and Bear were suppose to have! In all fairness we never agreed on a time. Rushed back to the hotel to get it set up and opened the sour beer that I had saved. Wombie and Bear missed each other greatly. I did miss Cam as well, but I knew that I would be back home with him the next day!

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