Sunday, May 3, 2015

Auckland Day 3- Waiheke Island (Wine, Wine, Wine!)

The original plan was to be up at 9am for an adventurous day on Waiheke Island. If you read through the post about the previous day, it is clear why we had a later start. We did manage to get the 12am ferry to the island. It was a forty minute trip and the mediocre coffee on board really didn't help liven us up. Instead of renting bikes, we decided to walk into town which turned out to be a good plan.

Lunch was a simple meal of a burger and fish & chips while we sat overlooking the ocean. Wasn't the greatest food, but the view really made up for it. After we finished there, we went to information to find out what we should be doing on the island. The lady working there suggested some of the wineries on the hill and it was a short walk that took us through a park.

We did get a little side tracked and ended up having a beer in the sun before making the trip. There was a sign for a bush walk in the park, but we much have followed it wrong since it took us 2 minutes to get through it all.

Cable Bay was the first winery that we came across (and it would be the only we went to that day) We started our visit with some wine tasting. It was good wine, but it was really expensive to bring it back to Australia with us. The best part of the winery was hill that had a view overlooking the bay with Auckland skyline in the distance. We managed to grab two bean bags and ordered a bottle of very overpriced wine to enjoy in the late afternoon sun. The problem with the combination of wine, bean bags, and warm sun is that it makes you never want to leave. Our plans to move on to the next winery were abandoned somewhere between the cheese plate and second bottle of wine... or was it the third bottle?
Wine in the sun... what could go wrong?


While we were enjoying our very relaxed wine haze, we were subjected to a girl talking loudly about how she spent almost a year in Australia and that made her so cultured. I'll let you guess her nationality. We had a conversation with the people she was with while she wondered off for a bit and even they couldn't stand her.

When it was sadly finally time to move on, we called a taxi to take us down to the ferry docks. It was after waiting past the time it was suppose to arrive that we started getting concerned since we didn't want to be stranded on the island over night. We told the bar staff since they were the ones to call it and one of them ended up driving us down to the docks.

Uneventful ferry back to the mainland. I did get carded while trying to buy beer and I actually had a valid form of ID on me. The cashier asked if the second beer I was buying was for someone over 18 and I told her I didn't date younger men!

We attempted to find dinner since the small things we had at the winery wasn't filling enough. Unfortunately we both had had too much wine and couldn't come to an agreement about where we wanted to eat. Early to bed instead.

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