Monday, May 4, 2015

Auckland Day 3- Bye Cam!

It was not an early start to the day, but considering the events from the day before, we had an okay start.

After an eventful brunch, we walked around the city in hopes of finding cheese curds. It is not possible to find such a thing in Australia and I was hoping the different laws on unpasteurized milk would improve my chances. The lady at the fancy cheese and ice cream place had no idea what I was talking about when I inquired if they had any. No luck was had.

Since Cam had to be back at work, we originally planned it so he would only stay until the Monday and I would hang around Auckland until my visa was processed and I could return home. We got some quality cuddle time in before we went to find a snack and a beer.

Cam had arranged for a set-price cab back to the airport and was picked up at 4pm. The driver not only got lost on the way, but also over-changed Cam even though the price was set. I headed to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner. Half way through shopping I decided on the theme 'red'. I also picked up a passion fruit lime cider that I knew Cam would disapprove of me drinking and I knew he was right before I even tasted it. Ick. I picked up a beer that was simply labelled 'beer' and the packaging was not wrong!

 The airport offers 30 minutes of free wifi so Cam was chatting to me while he waited. He told about his enjoyment of the airport bar and how wine was just okay.

I watched TV because I felt like being boring that night. I was still paying for an expensive hotel room so why wouldn't I take advantage of that? The bed was really comfortable so that was another good reason not to go anywhere. I stayed up until Cam landed back in Melbourne. He had a good flight back and managed to get four beers. While Cam was enjoying our fantastic bed, I was stuck in a foreign
country unsure when I would be able to return home.

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