Friday, September 12, 2014

Stowe > Gananoque

We packed up the car and check-out before we headed to the spa for our massage. It took awhile for me to find a locker that worked. It was a bit stressful hearing my name being called while swapping my clothes from locker to locker which was a not a great start to something that was meant to be relaxing. When I finally put away my things I met up with Cam and the people who would be massaging us before heading down to the dark and quiet basement. Part of the package was soaking in a tub for half and hour, but it was hard to relax when I kept sliding into the water because of the oils in the tub. I was too aware to relax during the massage. I had mentioned my back pain before the massage so I knew see was trying to avoid that area. We did feel better after. A shower couldn't get the scent of the massage oil off so it lingered for the rest of the day.

A late lunch at the restaurant attached to the hotel before we headed north. Cam was still in search of the smart watch he wanted so we made a stop in Burlington, Vermont. As predicted, they didn't have any either. We were only in Burlington for about an hour, but we saw plenty of fighter jets flying overhead. It was certainly different than the sleepy ski town we had just been in.

A short drive to the quiet Canadian border. We declared all of the alcohol we had and the border agent seemed only interested in the amount of whiskey we were bring back (not enough!) It was very nice having phone data and road signs in proper measurements! Vermont borders Quebec so we were back near Montreal. A few back roads to avoid getting to close to Montreal's traffic and we were back on a main highway. Which ever highway we were on in Quebec turned into highway 401 when we crossed into Ontario.

Not wanting to drive too far that day, we decided to stay in Gananoque. It was too late in the day to appreciate the charm of the town so just stayed near the highway at a Holiday Inn. We had some TV trouble, but the woman at the front desk was more than happy to help us get it fixed. The original plan was to order in food, but nothing seemed appealing and we didn't have any cash. Not wanting to go far, we went to the restaurant next door for some nachos. We didn't last very long and soon crashed for the night.

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