Wednesday, September 10, 2014

St John > Brunswick

We took advantage of the free breakfast the hotel offered before heading back on to the road. Easy enough drive along the highway to Saint Stephen. One last stop for coffee and something to eat before finding a border crossing into the states. The crossing was so small that there were only two border agents and the customs office was in an old building. The border agent had to close his lane so he could direct us where to park. Since Cam is Australian and his previous visa had expired, we had to go in to get things sorted out. They grumped at Cam when we pulled his phone out, but they were nice enough after that. After paying them $6, Cam received a piece of paper in his passport and they let us go. I usually get questioned about my dual citizenship and my lack of American passport, but not this time. He did look through my passport again after asking if I was 'just Canadian'.

Maine doesn't seem that much different from New Brunswick except all of the signs are in miles. I made sure to write out the conversions before I turned off my data at the border. We saw a sign a few kilometers from the border telling us of the great deal of receiving a free lobster with the purchase of auto glass. What a deal! Sadly we were not in need of such things and kept on driving.

We stopped for gas. It was much cheaper filling it up south of the border! While I was inside pre-paying, a guy came up to Cam and asked him what it was like driving the best car on the road. Cam didn't mention just how far that car has gone and had well it has lasted. It's been driven across Canada and the US and still manages to run well.

We drove through a few small towns before finding a place for lunch. It was small restaurant and brewery by the water. Soon after sitting down we heard a high-pitched noise. Most of the people eating there couldn't hear it because they were too old. The staff finally managed to find the source of the problem. Cam had a lobster roll before deciding he is not a fan of lobster. He was in the wrong part of the country for not liking lobster! The group of old people beside us kept me entertained because they were just stereotypical old people. One of the old ladies provided the best quote of the day, "I watch Dr. Phil and I'm glad I never had girls." Because Dr Phil is good source for unbiased views, right?

After lunch we attempted to find wifi by standing next to the car and hoping we were close enough to the stores across the street. We did manage to find an okay connection to get an idea of where to stop for the night. Better wifi was found in the MacDonalds parking lot down the street. The hotel prices in Portland seemed way too high for what they should be and anything reasonable was too far out of town to even bother going.

Cam found a bar that was suppose to be the best beer bar in the world in Brunswick. So we headed to Brunswick and stayed down the road from this "best beer bar in the world". It certainly didn't live up to its hype. They were turning it into more of a brewery so they only had their stuff and a few bottles of interesting stuff. The food was good, but we wouldn't have gone to Brunswick if we had known how disappointing the bar would be.

One of the great things about the states is that they don't have the silly liquor laws that some of the provinces have. Walking into a gas station around 10pm and picking up a six pack is just so nice after having to find a LCBO and dealing with their restrictive hours.

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