Thursday, September 4, 2014

Quebec > Fredericton

Since we arrived after it had gotten dark the night before, we got up and enjoyed Quebec City in the morning. Cam found a place that looked good for brunch not too far away. Early on in the walk there we took a wrong turn and ended up walking up more hills than needed. The food wasn't really worth the effort it took to get there nor the effort it took getting back (Cam thought the walk itself was pretty great, though!).
We did stop to look out over the river along the wall. There are many very old buildings to look at. It was nice to visit in the summer without being part of a school group. The last time I was in the city was in the winter and all we did was watch TV in a very fancy hotel room. (It was worth it!)

After stopping for coffee we picked up the car from the hotel. One of the staff was wondering what we are going to do if the car needs a spare part since Saab is no longer in business. Not sure!
More highway driving. Two tanks were being transported east and it gave Wombie bad ideas. We stopped for a Tim's and a gas break, but no other breaks until Fredericton. It was nice to be back in an English speaking province. There was a time change when we crossed into New Brunswick.
We stayed in a hotel that was near the highway, but far from anything else. Our options for dinner were very limited. Eastside Mario's was the best choice which should tell you a lot about what the area has to offer.

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