Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Montreal (again)

Easy drive from the cottage to Montreal. We didn't back track to the 401 and follow the most straight forward route, but instead took the back roads. It took us through Perth where we stopped for mediocre food at one of the many fast food places along the highway. Passed through Ottawa and made it to Quebec without any trouble.
Montreal can be hard to navigate with all the one way streets and no right on red rule. After being in Australia I should be use to no easy turns on red, but it is so much better when you can turn on red. We manged to make it to the hotel without too much aggravation. Stayed at the Days Inn near old Montreal and Chinatown. The hotel wasn't great, but the location made up for it.
The first thing we did in Montreal was get coffee. We found a place that did a decent flat white around the corner from the hotel. Next we went to Roots to replace my handbag that had finally given in after 7 years of almost constant use. The third thing we did was find beer, of course. Brutopia was around the corner. Had a beer and an early dinner before heading back to the hotel for naps before the rain started.
After the storm had calmed down we went to old Montreal to find wine and dessert.  We managed to find a good cheesecake and wine. A surprising amount of restaurants had closed by the time we ventured by at 8pm including ones that said they were open on their website.
The first day of the roadtrip had gone well enough and Montreal was as we remembered it being. We would have gone back to some good bars if we spent more time in the city, but we were happy enough with half a day.
Hey, good looking!

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