Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Montreal to Quebec City via Shawinigan

I had a grumpy Cam to deal with when I woke up for day two of our road trip. He wasn't in the best of spirits when I dragged him down to Chinatown for an early lunch. His mood was a bit better after he had a bit to eat, but it wasn't great.

We decided to walk back to the main shopping area. On the way we stopped to climb the wooden structure that was covered in plants. It does provide a good view of the area.
We went to the Apple store since I was thinking of getting a macbook pro before returning to Australia and wanted to know the prices. I did the math and it turns out the price difference between getting one in Ontario and Australia is ~$1.50. (So quit your complaining, Australia!) I would save ~$275 buying one in New Hampshire, but it doesn't have the ~2 year warranty the Australian one would have.

Back to the car after a stop at the French Canadian version of Shoppers Drugmart. There are plenty of police cars along the highway hiding behind trees and bushes. None of them decided to pull us over even though everyone was doing 10km+.
We made a bit of detour to stop at Le Trou du Diable in Shawinigan for beer and food. Some of their beers are available at bars in Toronto and even have bottles in the LCBO from time to time. They weren't serving food until later so we had some 'Fromage Alep' to snack on. It is kinda like salty string cheese. I had most of it since Cam wasn't completely sold on it. A quick early dinner and we were back on the road. We did make a stop at a grocery store to buy beer because you can do that in Quebec!

Made it to Quebec City around 8 pm and found our hotel without much trouble. Cam was once again getting grumpy so I found him some food and ice to chill his beer.The rest of the evening was spent watching one of the few English channels available. 
Wombie window shops one of the many sex stories in Montreal

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