Sunday, September 7, 2014


We decided to spend two full days in Halifax since we enjoyed it so much last time. It was great having our own space to crash for afternoon naps. Sadly my friend was much busier since she is now in third year of law school. She did find the time to have lunch with us before going back to studying on Saturday. We went to her place Sunday night for a beer and cards.
Plenty of oysters were consumed in those two days. The quality and price varied greatly between restaurants and even time of day. The place at the top of the hill didn't seem to be very careful with their shucking since we were constantly pulling out pieces of shell. My biggest complaint is that the restaurant by the water served them with the same sauce you get with a cocktail shrimp ring and no hot sauce. For the price we are paying for hotsauce-less oysters, you would think they wouldn't cheap out on the basics.

Our bed at the hotel was way too good to not throughly enjoy. It was a great place to hide away when the weather wasn't great. Which we did on Sunday when it looked like it was going to rain all morning.

 When we did finally turn off the tv and start to settle down for the night on Saturday, our next door neighbours came home. There were at least two of them and the woman was not happy. She spent at least half an hour yelling about something. It was hard to ignore her since I'm sure their hotel door was open. We could even hear her mother on speaker phone. Turned the TV on to try to drown out her crying, but it says too high pitched. It was great fun trying to figure out who she was at breakfast the next morning. Our best guess is the tired looking blond whose family commented on how they heard she didn't sleep well.

One of the main attractions of Halifax is Alexander Keith's brewery tour. We were warned before how cheesy it would be. More singing than I expected, but it just added to the tour. There were three other couples on the tour, all of which were over 55. Only Cam and I got carded as we reached the tasting room. They had a few different beers for tasting, but I just stuck to the Galaxy Hops since I had already tried all of the other ones. It was over the top, but everyone had fun.

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