Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Halifax > St John

Knowing that the drive to St John wasn't very long, we took full advantage of the late checkout. It was really hard leaving that bed since we knew no other bed on the trip would ever compare.

Our original choice for lunch was sadly closed. Their website said they were open, but I guess they changed the hours and hadn't gotten around to fixing it. We instead went to a sushi place that was close by. Decent food, but I think Cam was disappointed he didn't get a proper beer with lunch.

The drive to St John had us backtracking quite a bit since there are few roads to Halifax. We didn't take the route that included a ferry trip from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick since it would have added a few hours to the trip. It would have been interesting seeing the Bay of Fundy though. Not much to see on the way which seems about right for driving through that part of the country.

Found a decent hotel just off the highway in St John. It wasn't really close to anything else, but it was a good walk into town for dinner. Cam spotted a brewery before we got the place we had decided on for dinner so we went there instead. They had okay beer. I made the mistake of ordering their spaghetti and meatballs. Very light on the meatballs and very generic sauce. Didn't really feel like anything else on their menu, but I should really have known not to get that.

Cam wanted another beer so we went in search of St John's best beer bar. We shared a chocolate Guinness cake with a beer while Cam expressed his great disappointment in the bar. Many of the taps just had beer that you could easily get in any bottle shop. Our favourite bar in Toronto has ruined us because we now expect good beer on tap. Neither of us wanted to stay for very long so we headed back to the hotel.

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