Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gananoque > Home

We saw more of Gananoque when we drove downtown for coffee and brunch.

The trip home was quick and easy since 99% of it was spent on the 401. We usually park the car in visitor's parking in our building before driving it back to my father's place the next day. Unfortunately the parking lot was full except for the handicap spot at the end. We parked there since we've parked there before and the guy at the front desk said it was fine.

Unfortunately they started following the parking rule and the new guy at the front desk was happy to enforce it. He did let us park there while we unloaded the car. Our building does have public parking that it shares with three other buildings so we didn't have to drive far. The downside was that we had to pay the daily max for an hour and a half until 6pm and then another $15 until 9am and another $10 until 11:30am. The machine didn't let me put all of the money in at once so I had to go back down at just past 6pm to get another slip and back down just after 9am for another. I checked to see if any parking in the visitor's lot and noticed a car had parked in the handicap spot. I let the guy at the front desk know. It was a bit petty, but I was annoyed that I was spending too much money on parking.

We crashed for a bit before heading to BarHop for our traditional post-trip beer. It was fairly busy since a baseball game had just ended, but we managed to get a table for a beer and dinner.

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