Friday, September 5, 2014

Fredericton > Halifax

Cam didn't get the best night's sleep so he was eager to get out of Fredericton. I had a good night when I wasn't being kept awake by Cam's tossing and turning. We managed to grab a coffee and muffin for breakfast before heading out.
Got back on to the highway our hotel room overlooked and continued east. We stopped for lunch just after crossing the border into Nova Scotia. There are a lot of big fast food chains in Amherst, but we found a local place where the owner knew most of the people there. Something was going on in that park with a group of veterans, but we didn't stop to find out what it was.
A few more hours of driving until Halifax. We stayed at a great hotel downtown. They upgraded us to a better room with a harbour view! The bed was so big and comfortable that no other bed on this trip will ever be satisfactory.
Last time we were in Halifax we had some good oysters that weren't overly expensive. We went back to one of the places we had gone before for oysters, but they weren't as good as we remembered. Still we took advantage of happy hour and enjoyed cheap oysters with cheap beer.
Halifax has a beer bar that we wanted to go to last time, but it was closed. We arrived during the Friday after work rush and still managed to get seats. After beers we decided to head back to the hotel. Unfortunately our hotel was at the top of the hill. Naps were definitely needed after that.
We took advantage of the special offer the hotel had and booked a table for dinner through the front desk. They gave us two free drink voucher satisfactory for going that. Combined with the two we had received earlier, we now had four (because math!) Dinner was surprisingly good for a hotel restaurant. The server (whose picture was on the drink vouchers) was very friendly and let Cam use a voucher on the more expensive scotch.
Finished up the day with a bottle of wine and a marathon of Storage Wars (a road trip tradition!)

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