Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brunswick> Stowe

After breakfast we got back on the highway towards Salem, New Hampshire. To actually get there we had travel along a few toll roads that don't give you any warning about the tolls until you are past the last exit. Each one of them cost a few dollars and we had to stop along the way to get more cash out since we didn't want to arrive at one without any American money.

We had to go through New Hampshire and down to Massachusetts before turning back up into New Hampshire just to get to Salem. We had originally planned to spend  a few nights in Boston, but all the hotels we looked at started at $500/ night. Even the Motel 8 in a suburb started at $392/night. Not sure what was causing the spike in hotel prices, but we decided to save the money and just go shopping in New Hampshire instead. There's no sales tax in New Hampshire so we wanted to take advantage of that.

We found one of the bigger shopping malls in Salem, but we were still disappointed with the selection of stores. We did stop at one of the few sit down restaurants in the mall for pizza. Their large pizza could easily feed four people and there was no point of us taking the leftovers. Over lunch we looked up places to stay that night and booked a hotel. After walking through the mall we headed back to the car. Cam wasn't happy that he hadn't manage to find anything besides the game that we were going to buy in Toronto anyway.

There's a new smart watch on the market that Cam really wants. It is only available in the states at the moment so we went in search to find one. The Best Buy in Salem had some at one point, but they were completely out of stock. Cam was getting more and more unhappy at this point. Luckily there was a discount shoe store across from Best Buy. I didn't like anything there, but Cam managed to find two pairs of shoes that he liked. It was great to pay less than $100 for two pairs of shoes that would normally cost almost twice that much. A quick-ish stop at the liquor store to thoroughly enjoy the prices of alcohol. So cheap! We picked up a good bottle of whiskey and two bottles of wine.

Back on the highway towards Vermont (the fourth State of the day) We stopped in Montpelier for dinner at a place with a good beer selection. The cheese on my burger was a bit weird, but American cheese isn't always top quality. We stayed for dessert so Cam could have another beer.

Neither of us were in a good mood after dinner so we were a bit snippy towards each other during the last half hour of the trip. We decided to spend two nights at a hotel and spa in Stowe. In the winter it is a popular ski town, but it was really quiet in early September. The bed was listed as a queen on their website, but it was more of a double and the mattress wasn't great. It was over priced for what it was. Both of us were just glad to finally be at the hotel.

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