Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beer and Ben & Jerry's

Someone working at the hotel's front desk mentioned one of the popular beers that was available in the area.  He only told us that they put out cans of the stuff at certain places on set days and we had to be there early to get some. A quick google search informed us that they sell the beer by the case and there was a shipment to a grocery store in Montplier the next morning. Cam was very keen to get there as soon as they opened at 9am and started stressing out when we left the hotel around then. It was a half an hour back to Montplier, but we made it in time to pick up a case. They had a guy from the brewery standing beside the cases making sure that people only took one. There might not of been any left if we had gotten there an hour later.

We had an early lunch while we were in Montplier. There were plans to walk around town a bit, but we realised that we hadn't paid for parking and I didn't have any coins to feed the meter. Parking meters are a good argument against paper one dollar bills.

The original Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory was down the main road from the hotel so we made a stop on the way back. It was only $4/person to go on the factory tour and it included a generous sample of ice cream at the end. There wasn't much to see on the tour, but it was good way to spend a morning. We decided to get some ice cream while we waiting for the pouring rain to ease up, but we were still too full from lunch and ice cream from the tour that we didn't have much of it.

We crashed at the hotel for awhile before going out for a drink. There were plans to walk to the bar with a good beer selection, but it was a forty minute walk along the side of the road. Lucky for us, there was a brewery almost directly across from the hotel. It was fairly quiet when we got there since it was mid-afternoon. The bartender was happy to talk to us. The three of us were highly entertained by the guy at the end of the bar who was watching cat videos. He must have just gotten off work at the restaurant because staff would come by and join him in watching videos. At one point there were five guys crowded around the computer having a good time. We had a few drinks and some cheese before heading back to the hotel. The sun had finally appeared for the first time that day so it was nice to enjoy it during the two minute walk back to the hotel.

We had originally booked the hotel because of how highly rated their spa was and I've been trying to get Cam to get a couple's massage for awhile. He finally agreed so we booked one for the next day we before left.

Dinner was a bit late since we had afternoon snacks. Our choices for dinner were limited since Cam had been drinking earlier in the day and couldn't drive anywhere. There was a decent restaurant next door to the hotel.  Cam was very insistant that we get oysters. So many oysters in so few days!

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