Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're going to the island, We're going to centreville!

There was a bit of a rough start to the day, but we managed to walk down to the island taxis and arrive not too late. So much of Toronto is under construction that it is hard to navigate your way in a straight line in the city. There was originally going to be six of us spending the day on the island, but there were only five of us. Too many people on the ferry to justify the few dollar difference for the taxi and it was quicker.  Wombie got a bit sea-sick, but he managed to recover fairly quickly.

Wombie picnics in style

Everyone else was more prepared for picnics and seemed to have everything covered. Our last minute addition of veggies was only appreciated by me. It was the first nice summer day in a very long time so it was nice just to sit down at a picnic bench and enjoy the day. After all of the punch had been consumed we decided to go for a walk around the island.

Wombie's ABCs: Always Be Creeping (on beach babes)
Wombie and beer. A classic combo!
It was a nice walk to southern side of the island where there was a beach and pier. None of us went swimming, but we still enjoyed the beach. Many people had taken advantage of the nice day and ventured out into Lake Ontario.

We stopped for a beer before heading west to the lighthouse. There was also a bathroom over that way. Everyone was giving me a hard time about wanting to see the 'clothing optional' beach, but I really just wanted to find the bathroom. There wasn't much to see on the way, just some trees and a few police on horseback. Didn't go any further than the bathrooms since it was starting to get late and it was beer time again. We headed back to where the ferry for Centreville departed knowing there was patio right beside that. More beer was had while overlooking the Toronto skyline and the passing ferry. The roof of the skydome (the big white dome beside the CN tower) was open when left the mainland since there was a baseball game on, but it had since closed for the night. It is amazing how many condos Toronto has.

Not wanting to spend a long wait for the ferry we opted for the water taxi for the return trip. It was a good idea since it looked like the wait for the ferry was at least half an hour instead of the 10 it took to get back to the other side. Dinner at WVRST for hot dogs and more beer before home to crash and apply aloe.
Toronto from a patio on the island
The ferry we didn't take back to the main land

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