Monday, August 4, 2014

Terrible Twos

We completely forgot to celebrate Wombie's birthday last year. In our defense, we were preparing to get married and family coming in from overseas. This year we did it right and make him a cake! My mother and Wombie's cousin, Edgar, came by help celebrate. I would say that he has entered the 'terrible twos', but I think he's always been in that phase. He's got more personality than some people I know. Opinionated, very opinionated. Wombie still loves to sing and dance. We've really made progress cutting down on his racism! You can tell by scrolling through the following photos just how well-loved Wombie is. They range from Wombie's birthday to his first 9am beer at LAX fresh off his Melbourne flight.

Road trippin' in style

Cam came home to this one day...


His first and only bath.

He's made LOTS of interesting friends

When we leave him alone...


Plenty of travel!

...and plenty of moving...

At least there's 9am airport beers!

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