Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aquarium / Hello Ray!

Toronto has a new aquarium that is right at the base of the CN tower that I had yet to go to. It is also a short walk from my apartment and the weather was nice enough to actually enjoy the walk. Today I went with my mother, sister-in-law, and my niece. Cam was more than happy to stay home and sleep in. It was definitely a different experience going with a 2.5 year old than it would be if just Cam and I went. I think she had more fun playing on the slide than looking at the creatures. She was a bit afraid that the fish were coming after her, but we had to reassure her the glass would keep them away from her. There's a automatic walkway that took us through a glass tunnel so we could watch the fish and sharks swim above us. My niece was a bit afraid at first and kept close to grandma. She was much more relaxed by the time we reached the end of the aquarium and even tried to touch the rays.

Wombie had a good time looking at the fish and enjoyed the fact he wasn't the one in the water. He wasn't pleased about how many kids were there, but he feels better knowing that they all will be back in school next week.

It wasn't the best aquarium I've ever been to, but it was good way to spend a few hours.

Swimming with the fishes
Using grandma as protection
Always making new friends!

"Hello Ray!"

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