Wednesday, August 27, 2014

LEGOLAND! With no children!

It was very exciting to hear that Lego had opened up a Legoland in Toronto! It was disappointing to hear that it wasn't actually in Toronto, but out in Vaughan instead. It was even more disappointing to hear that adults weren't allowed in without a child. Like many people my age, I didn't know any children that I could take to get me into Legoland. My niece is just about to turn three and she's the only child I know. Luckily we discovered that once a month Legoland holds adult nights. We made plans to go with my mother which was a good idea since she had a car. 

There is a giant Bass Pro up at Vaughan Mills that I believe everyone should venture up to at least once in their life. It is really an absurd place. They have an indoor fishing demo area, fake ducks, cooking equipment, giant fish pillows (I got one for my sister a few years ago), guns, hunting bows, and everything else I don't need. It was great fun taking Cam there because I'm sure he'll never see anything like it again. Legoland was at the opposite side of the mall, but we made sure to go through Bass Pro. 

There's a game when you first enter Legoland where you shot lasers at things on the walls. It reminded me a lot of the Toy Story ride at Disney World, but the line to get on was MUCH shorter. They had recreated Toronto with Lego and it took up a large room. Some parts of the city were interactive so you could play miniature hockey and baseball. A lot of detail in the tiny city!

City Hall, right next to the airport!

There wasn't much to do once we got into the main area. We built cars out of Lego and raced them down the track. After few re-matches to prove that my car was faster than Cam's, we saw a one of the short films they were showing. It was one of those movies where they have things on the screen felt by the audience. Fans were used to create wind and water was sprayed for an splashes (I was wondering why the seats were a bit wet when we walked into the theatre.)

There were giant pits of Lego that you could sit around and build anything you wanted. They did have a competition to see who could build the most interesting piece of food. Some of them turned out really well. They had more patience than I did! I couldn't even think of what to make.

They had another game that tied into their ninja series where you had to get to the other side of the room while avoiding the lasers. I made the mistake the first time by taking my time and being distracted by Cam peering through one of the windows along the side. There wasn't a line so kept on trying since it was actually a lot of fun.

I didn't participate, but I did have a good time watching people, including my mother, try to catch pieces of lego while hula-hooping.

The hallway beside that room was devoted to a game where people were rolling a ball of Lego down toward a square marked on the floor with masking tape. If you got it in the square, your name was entered into a draw. When the ball inventively broke later that night, they switch to a Lego car that never rolled straight.

Someone was teaching people how to make certain things out of lego, but we never took interest in it. We did go on the ride at the back of the room. It was just a simple ride that went around and you could peddle to move your seat up. It was clearly designed for shorter legs since I kept on bumping into the bar in front of me.

At the end of the night they gave away prizes for ninja time, best lego food creation, best hula-hooper lego catcher, and rolling the ball down the hallway. My name was pulled for the ball rolling and I received a Lego palm tree on a Lego beach.

We stopped in the store on the way out so Cam could pick up a Ghostbusters lego set. Even though I was half asleep, I helped him put it together as soon as we got home. Wombie likes to play with it even though he doesn't play with it correctly. He likes to hold it like a gun and make 'pew pew' sounds. Clearly he plays by his own set of rules.

Legoland was definitely designed for kids and it seemed like adult night was an after thought. There was a play place with giant foam lego bricks and a wrecking ball, but it was not open to adults. I would have loved to have able to play in there, but alas. It was nice to be able to go there not have any kids around. I don't think it could have the same relaxed feeling with kids around. Even if my niece was old enough, I don't think I would return during the day.  

Aquarium / Hello Ray!

Toronto has a new aquarium that is right at the base of the CN tower that I had yet to go to. It is also a short walk from my apartment and the weather was nice enough to actually enjoy the walk. Today I went with my mother, sister-in-law, and my niece. Cam was more than happy to stay home and sleep in. It was definitely a different experience going with a 2.5 year old than it would be if just Cam and I went. I think she had more fun playing on the slide than looking at the creatures. She was a bit afraid that the fish were coming after her, but we had to reassure her the glass would keep them away from her. There's a automatic walkway that took us through a glass tunnel so we could watch the fish and sharks swim above us. My niece was a bit afraid at first and kept close to grandma. She was much more relaxed by the time we reached the end of the aquarium and even tried to touch the rays.

Wombie had a good time looking at the fish and enjoyed the fact he wasn't the one in the water. He wasn't pleased about how many kids were there, but he feels better knowing that they all will be back in school next week.

It wasn't the best aquarium I've ever been to, but it was good way to spend a few hours.

Swimming with the fishes
Using grandma as protection
Always making new friends!

"Hello Ray!"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're going to the island, We're going to centreville!

There was a bit of a rough start to the day, but we managed to walk down to the island taxis and arrive not too late. So much of Toronto is under construction that it is hard to navigate your way in a straight line in the city. There was originally going to be six of us spending the day on the island, but there were only five of us. Too many people on the ferry to justify the few dollar difference for the taxi and it was quicker.  Wombie got a bit sea-sick, but he managed to recover fairly quickly.

Wombie picnics in style

Everyone else was more prepared for picnics and seemed to have everything covered. Our last minute addition of veggies was only appreciated by me. It was the first nice summer day in a very long time so it was nice just to sit down at a picnic bench and enjoy the day. After all of the punch had been consumed we decided to go for a walk around the island.

Wombie's ABCs: Always Be Creeping (on beach babes)
Wombie and beer. A classic combo!
It was a nice walk to southern side of the island where there was a beach and pier. None of us went swimming, but we still enjoyed the beach. Many people had taken advantage of the nice day and ventured out into Lake Ontario.

We stopped for a beer before heading west to the lighthouse. There was also a bathroom over that way. Everyone was giving me a hard time about wanting to see the 'clothing optional' beach, but I really just wanted to find the bathroom. There wasn't much to see on the way, just some trees and a few police on horseback. Didn't go any further than the bathrooms since it was starting to get late and it was beer time again. We headed back to where the ferry for Centreville departed knowing there was patio right beside that. More beer was had while overlooking the Toronto skyline and the passing ferry. The roof of the skydome (the big white dome beside the CN tower) was open when left the mainland since there was a baseball game on, but it had since closed for the night. It is amazing how many condos Toronto has.

Not wanting to spend a long wait for the ferry we opted for the water taxi for the return trip. It was a good idea since it looked like the wait for the ferry was at least half an hour instead of the 10 it took to get back to the other side. Dinner at WVRST for hot dogs and more beer before home to crash and apply aloe.
Toronto from a patio on the island
The ferry we didn't take back to the main land

Monday, August 4, 2014

Terrible Twos

We completely forgot to celebrate Wombie's birthday last year. In our defense, we were preparing to get married and family coming in from overseas. This year we did it right and make him a cake! My mother and Wombie's cousin, Edgar, came by help celebrate. I would say that he has entered the 'terrible twos', but I think he's always been in that phase. He's got more personality than some people I know. Opinionated, very opinionated. Wombie still loves to sing and dance. We've really made progress cutting down on his racism! You can tell by scrolling through the following photos just how well-loved Wombie is. They range from Wombie's birthday to his first 9am beer at LAX fresh off his Melbourne flight.

Road trippin' in style

Cam came home to this one day...


His first and only bath.

He's made LOTS of interesting friends

When we leave him alone...


Plenty of travel!

...and plenty of moving...

At least there's 9am airport beers!