Sunday, July 13, 2014

Toronto> Montreal> Orlando

We've lived downtown for almost a year and had never flown out of the Island Airport. Whenever someone has visited, we've always recommended that airport because of how close it is to us. Finally we had tickets out of there! We arrived extra early to catch our flight and waited longer for the ferry than it took to cab down there. Took the shortest chartered ferry ride in the world to the terminal. The only flights that Air Canada operates out of there is to Montreal and they only leave every two hours or so. Very easy time checking in since  we were so early. Took advantage of the free non-alcoholic drinks in the terminal and a very expensive beer. There were only 14 passengers on the plane to Montreal and they provide free snacks and alcohol!
"I can see my house from here!"

We had to do another security check in Montreal and go through customs (after we walked most of the airport just to get to that point). Stood in the non-Canadian/American passport or work visa holder line which was the longest. Had a good chat with a Canadian working in Orlando who happened to be rushing for the same flight as us. Very friendly customs agent who had no problems with us. Rushed to our gate only to find out that our flight had been delayed by a 'half-hour' (which was a LIE). The flight to Orlando was uneventful. I was counting on Air Canada to have screens for every seat, but they were really pushing the use of personal tablets and phones to view their content. Their free in-flight content would have been great to use if it wasn't iphone and ipad only. I really hope they don't continue the trend where the only entertainment they provide is through iphone and ipad only. They rent out ipads for $10, but I really should be able to accesses it on my android tablet, BECAUSE IT IS THE FUTURE, Air Canada.

Disney provided a free bus service to our resort from the airport, but we had to wait for other flights to come in and collect their baggage before we left. Waited half an hour and then another 40 minutes getting to The Wilderness Lodge. The main reason we went to Disney World was to see our friends from Melbourne. They greeted us as we were checking in and had a drink at the bar even though they were exhausted and already had a few at that point. Sleep was hard to accomplish that night since the air con was turned up high and I awoken every time Cam even made the slightest of move.

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