Friday, July 11, 2014

Niagara Falls x2 / Water, Water Everywhere

Want to know what really impresses Australians? Fresh water and plenty of it.

Almost a year ago Cam's family came over from Australia and we took all 11 of them down to Niagara Falls. My father was gracious enough to rent a van and drive us all down. It was also the first time my father had met any of Cam's family so he got to meet them all at once! Some of them had just arrived the evening before so energy wasn't high, but everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

We walked along the railing and watched the Americans look at us while we enjoyed the better view of the falls. I haven't been on the Maid of the Mist since I was very young so it was a good excuse to go with everyone else. They give you a blue plastic poncho to protect you a bit from the mist. (The Canadian side switched to red ponchos and different boats within the last year) We had heard that cameras have been ruined by all the water during the tour so we were glad we borrowed a better one from a friend. Of course Wombie came along! He hung out under my poncho until we left the dock and then he hid under Cam's.

You don't realize just how much water is pouring over until you're looking up at it. Loud, windy, and very wet.

For awhile I had been taking photos of Wombie and people who made the mistake of falling asleep near him. A few people got their photo taken during the trip home. Turning on the camera or whispering to get my attention woke a few people up before I could get a photo. Next time.

Cam's cousin and her husband passed through Toronto on their honeymoon recently and we took them out to see the falls. It is less exciting the second time around so we just napped on the grass for a bit.

I'm not overly impressed by fresh water, but I'll go along for the good times.
Yep, still a lot of water

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