Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shopping and our first drive!

Day three and we're finally getting out of San Diego, starting the "Road" part of this trip.

But not before some shopping!

We drove in and found the first parking lot we could find  in downtown San Diego, surprised to find it was Valeted. Valet services are everywhere here. That was a bit weird.

We headed to Horton Plaza which was quite the hoot. The architecture was pretty cool. Such vibrant colours, fun shapes and I loved the out-doorsyness and sun. The shopping was a bit dull though, just the same big-box stores you can find anywhere (Macy's, Nordstrom, 3 sunglass huts in case 2 weren't enough, etc). We did find a sim card so we're now connected a bit more!

We wandered around the city a little bit and found lunch amongst a bunch of pretty cool looking restaurants. Good burgers are plentiful in the USA!
 Picked up a few bottles from The Best Damn Beer Shop which was pretty overwhelming and exciting
and finally hit the road!

The drive was pleasant enough, no events really to speak of. We drove straight through LA to Santa Monica where we stayed the night, about four and a half hours. We remembered a bit too late to pay attention to how many KMs each trip was, but we did jot down our starting odometer reading so we'll at least get the total! We had a pretty quick dinner right around the corner from our Hotel in Santa Monica with a gift voucher that came with our room then went right to bed. We were both crazy exhausted but that point!

The rest of our driving should be a bit more interesting in itself, San Diego to LA is a bit dull... Lots of freeways. I handled the long drive fine but was super exhausted at the end of it, probably a lot because of the time difference and stuff.

This blog post is about a day behind, I might get the next day (Santa Monica - Morro Bay) up pretty soon!

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