Thursday, May 8, 2014

Santa Monica > Morro Bay, Bingo!

Creeping on the beach babes
We are up and out the door at a reasonable time which was a good thing since the day would be a long one. Our hotel was right near the beach and a short walk from the Santa Monica pier. The amusement park wasn't open yet, but we did see them run a few rides for the first time that day. After picking up a few postcards at the end of the pier, we headed in the opposite direction towards Venice beach. A fair few people were out enjoying the lovely day. We stopped for a disappointingly bad cup of coffee along the way and a beer just as we reached Venice beach.
It was almost two years to the day since we were last in Venice beach and not much seems to have changed since then. Beach shops, tourists, and lots of homeless. We only made it halfway before we decided we had had enough and turned around.

A hungry Erica was hungry while Cam took this picture.
 It took us until day 3 before we finally managed to eat at In n Out. We stopped at the one in Beverly Hills on our way out to Morro Bay. If I was honest with myself, I was disappointed.

Not wanting to deal with the stop and start driving we dealt with the day before, we decided to take the more direct route. We made a few stops along the way to escape the heat of the car and fuel up. The aircon doesn't work well in the car and it's really loud. Most of the trip was spent trying to find a balance between noise, music, and heat. 

We made the trip to Morro Bay in about 4 hours or so. There was a brief and uneventful stop in Santa Barbara. We went to the wrong hotel because the destination was incorrectly input into my phone. Finding the right hotel was a relief because I didn't want to be as far out of town as the first hotel was. The correct hotel gave us an upgrade because we told them it was our honeymoon (which it is and always will be!) The room had a balcony that had a view of the ocean and we could hear the seals calling out to each other. Arf! Arf!

Wombie and his new friend, Tatey
We went out to dinner at a local pub. I had chosen the pub for their selection of beer and the proximity to the hotel. Very glad we ended up there because it was bingo night! Every drink you bought got you a bingo card, but the cards were only good for a round. I managed to win the final one, the blackout round, by filling my bingo card. Instead of going for the prize we originally chose, we opted to take the secret bar prize. It was a potato. We've since named it Tatey and now it travels with us. The host dropped off our first choice after.

Very long day, but a very good day.

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