Sunday, May 11, 2014

San Francisco!

One of the many driving photos we took
Not wanting to have a long drive into San Francisco and have to navigate the city tired, we made sure to spend the night fairly close to the city. It was about a two hour drive down the coastal highway. Highway 1 brewery is right off the highway which I found to be a strange location for a brewery. Lunch was nothing special, but the beer that I did have was pretty good.

Early afternoon was a good time to arrive. Traffic was light and we didn't have too much trouble find a secure parking lot near the hotel. Parking is very expensive in San Francisco and the cheapest we found was $29 each day. Better than the $52/night for valet parking with the hotel. The hotel was kind enough to upgrade us to a better room on the top floor. It even has a partial view of the bay!
After doing all the driving and not having to drive again for another few days, Cam declared it was beer time. We found a good bar down one of the alleys. They weren't open yet, but the bartender was more than happy to serve and talk to us while she got the bar ready for the evening. We got many recommendations on where to stop along our road trip. The bartender was great and was more than happy to let us sample all the beers on draught. It got harder to talk to her since the bar got busy fairly quickly so we didn't stay too long. 

Cam has been looking forward to San Francisco, partly because they have the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.We had some shopping at the store in Tokyo, but the sizing was completely different. Luckily the Sand Fran one was a lot better for shopping and Cam managed to find many things to wear. They didn't have any flannel shirts that he likes to wear (and I like to steal and wear), but their stuff is fairly comfortable.

I had seen a ramen restaurant on the walk between the hotel and Union Square that looked good for dinner, but everyone else in the city seemed to have the same idea. Not wanting to spend too much energy on trying to find a place to eat, we settled on a restaurant two doors down. It did give us a good view of people trying to stay warm while they waited for ramen. Dinner was overpriced for what it was, but we were just glad to have food. 

Oh, Wombie
While we were out, someone had placed champagne and strawberries on the dresser and a rose on the bed. We had left Wombie sitting on the impractical pillows that they took off the bed and he was still on the bed when we returned. A good night was had drinking champagne and enjoying the fact we didn't have to drive anywhere the next day.

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