Sunday, May 11, 2014

San Francisco ! Day 2

We got a fairly early start on Saturday. It helped that there was hot coffee and tea waiting for us just out side our door in the morning. We stopped at one of the local cafes to get a bagel and another coffee. The bagel was alright, but the coffee was unsurprisingly bad and quickly pitched. There was a camera shop along the way so our GoPro now has a suction cup base.

We went back to Uniqlo since we didn't have the energy the day before to even make an attempt at the women's section. I managed to find clothes that I liked even though I don't think Uniqlo understand how to make shorts that actually fit anybody. Their under shirts and underwear are rather comfortable though. Cam found a few more pieces of clothing which is good because we didn't pack a lot of clothing for this trip.

It was early enough in the day that the ramen place I wanted to go to the night before was empty
enough for lunch. I don't think it was worth the line up it had, but it was decent enough to satisfy us for a bit.

After dropping off our new purchases, we ahead back out to get a drink (surprise surprise). One of the better brewers in the world, Mikkeller, has a bar in the city. It had a great selection of Mikkeller beers, some of which were only available at that bar. One of the great things about being in California is that brewers here are going through a sour phase so my favourite kind of beer is available everywhere. We asked for recommendations on where to stop on our trip, but we got the same ones as before. While I was in the bathroom, Cam recommended the sour beer that I had to a guy who had just sat down at the bar. It was a good pick! We got talking to him and his friend about how he wants to move to Toronto and beer in general. Turns out it was Rachel Maddow's brother. Cam didn't know who that was, but I did! They left before they could finish one beer, but we had a good chat.

 We didn't go far for dinner. The restaurant was fairly busy so we elected to sit outside under the heat lamps. It was still a bit chilly, but it was nice enough to sit for a bit. We did have a heat conversation about health care Australia vs. Canada. In the end we agreed that both systems were way better than the American system. After dinner we decided to go to one of the bottle shops that apparently had a good selection of beer. They did indeed have a good selection of beer so we picked up a few. Cam also picked up a t-shirt that has a platypus holding a drink on the front. Snagged a cab back to the hotel and had a great chat with the cab driver about the city and beer.

I didn't stay up too late. I don't think I made it past 9:30pm, but Cam stayed up to try to turn the GoPro time-lapse photos into a video. One of us was more awake the next day. 

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