Tuesday, May 13, 2014

San Fran > Santa Rosa

Early - ish start to day 9. If you're ever offered a bagel and cream cheese for a hotel, just say no. It is not worth it and you can get two better bagels for the same price of one. We dropped our bags off at the front desk of the hotel so we could walk around, get the car, and return.
First stop was at the ferry terminal for coffee. The coffee place tried to know their coffee, but the major strike against them was calling a cappuccino a flat white. Rude. One is full of foam and the other is a national treasure. Rude rude rude.
Trying to put the coffee place's major faux pa out of mind, we wondered down the market towards the bakery. We pick up a baguette for our planned picnic further down the main road. Nothing too special, just something to hold the cheese. Speaking of which, there's a whole cheese shop in the market. The person working there was trying to push their own brand of cheese too hard and missed the mark completely on what we were looking for. Disappointing experience, but we found some decent cheese for our picnic. A cheapish bottle wine from a nearby store and we were almost ready for the day. Except we didn't have a cutting board or knife. Luckily there was a kitchen shop a few feet away. Not the best selection, but we found what we wanted.
I was dreading paying almost $30/day for parking downturn San Francisco, but the total was only $89 for around 5 days of secure parking. We did have to have the attendant free our car by moving a van from Maryland, but that took very little time. We parked in front of the hotel to load up the car and we are soon on our way.
Cam had planned to see the very, very squiggly road on the way out of town. Unfortunately he hadn't gone over those plans with his navigator so I was trying to accommodate the changes on the fly. We saw the very bottom of Russian hill and then turned around. Too many tourists blocked the way and Russian hill traffic went west instead of East. Great fun was had travelling back to the main road along very hilly streets of San Francisco.
Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't anything special. Tourists lined both sides of the bridge. Our camera showed a blurry image through the view finder, but it was fine after taking a photo. I spent most the trip across the bridge trying to decide if my photos world turn out. There were many photo opportunities on the north side of the bridge. We managed to find parking after three turn offs and stopped for a bit too take pictures. Many more scenic outlooks lined the road further south and we only stopped at one more of them.

Not too down the road we came across decommissioned bunkers on the side of the road. Most of them were boarded up and all of them seemed abandoned. Took a few photos and continued on North. We stopped for a picnic along the very scenic drive. I was very burnt by the time we arrived in Santa Rosa.

We had been asking people for recommendations for beer and everyone in San Francisco mentioned Russian River. While we were sitting waiting for our beer, a man came up to us and asked if we were in Mikkeller bar two days before. We were indeed!

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