Monday, May 5, 2014

San Diego Zoo!

What a great day! We woke up pretty early thanks to the time difference and headed to San Diego Zoo. Firstly, this was my first time driving in the US and the first time I've driven for quite a while. It felt pretty natural though and I got right in to the swing of it (Only left the handbrake on by accident for a second or two before I realised what was wrong).

The Zoo was nice and quiet when we arrived at 9.15. We headed straight to see Australian Outback section to find a wombat (Wombie was pretty insistent).

The rest is pretty self explanatory if you've been to a Zoo before, we wondered around and looked at cooky animals! Here's the Photos!

Wombie encounters a curious koala.

"Look, kookaburra, a GoPro"

The Zoo had a Craft Beer place. Lovin' San Diego.

Had a great conversation with this guy.

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