Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Australia

Sea-to-Sky highway
From Vancouver we decided to travel to Little Australia aka Whistler for the night. It was an easy drive along the Sea-to-Sky highway. Driving through the mountains was great fun and almost everywhere you looked provided a beautiful view. We stopped along the side of the highway just to stand on top of a boulder to see the landscape and enjoy the cooler air. Wombie was on a constant look out for bears.

It was a fairly short trip to Whistler. It was in between ski and summer up there so you could see people wearing shorts and other people obviously just came off the mountain. The village is fairly small with Olympic structures scattered around. We had dinner at a restaurant that I remember from my childhood that was mostly the same as it was a decade ago. We didn't do much in Whistler, but me made sure to get sausage roll and a meat pie from one of the cafes on the way out.

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