Wednesday, January 15, 2014


His little mind was blown
This post is a bit late, but that's because our trip to Melbourne was jam-packed. Of course we went to get good coffee the first day we were there!  We sat at a cafe on Degreaves street and people watched. As Cam will surely tell you, he's got opinions and some of his strongest are about coffee. It has been a struggle to find consistently decent coffee in Toronto and nothing seems to be up to his snob-ish standards. Good times were had enjoying the many things we had missed while living overseas.
Christmas lunch was spent with Cam's father and that side of the family. Later we went to a friend's house for Christmas dinner. The day was spent catching up with various friends and family we hadn't seen in a while. We had seen some of them in August for the wedding, but most we hadn't seen since we left Australia a year and a half before. Boxing day was spent with Cam's mother's family.

 We had originally intended to meet our friend to watch the Boxing Day test, but spent the evening with Cam's family instead. Our friend's enjoyment of the previous night's event was evident when we met him to watch the second day of cricket at the MCG. Wombie has decided that he enjoys cricket or at least he enjoys the atmosphere. I was very thankful we weren't in the sun all day.

Always making friends
We spent the night before New Years Eve in a hotel right around the corner from our old apartment. It was very strange going back to see what had change since we left. Not much had changed, but it was different enough.The hotdog restaurant we lived near, Massive Wieners, is no longer there. The pub that we used to play trivia at every Tuesday was no longer there which is a shame because they had the best chicken parmas.

Our friend was having a New Years party at his apartment close to the CBD. They ran out of propane for the BBQ so we had to go for a walk to get more. It was a great party and we had a great view of the fireworks. The night ended not-so-well when a friend of a friend of friend misinterpreted my concern for his well-being as an invitation to grope me. Luckily Chris and Cam were more than happy to tell him off. 

Ever since we met, I've mentioned to Cam that we should go to the zoo. (He even lived one train stop away) Finally after 2.5 years we made it to the zoo. Sadly we made it there too late to see the wombats awake, but Wombie was still excited. We made a trip to the animal sanctuary later a few days later, but their wombats were asleep as well.


The weather was a bit cooler than seasonal, but that proved to be a good thing when the 40 degree weather returned. I guess we couldn't really complain since Toronto was suffering from a 'polar vortex' at the time. A few days after we went to Melbourne, an ice storm hit Toronto and surrounding area that left many people without power over Christmas. It was very nice to be enjoying a beer in the sun and we took advantage of that every chance we had.

Wombie enjoys cricket at the MCG
Our original flights had us leaving a week before we actually returned to Toronto, but that would of meant that we would miss trivia. We found trivia was being held somewhere with great beer and the same host from when we used to go. It was definitely worth changing our flights for!