Thursday, December 19, 2013

International Flights

The map tells me we crossed the international date line and equator at the same time not too long ago. A happy summer Friday! We still have just over for hours to go in our Vancouver > Sydney flight. If I could math right now, I would tell you it's been a very long trip already.

There was a bit of a delay in leaving Toronto, but we were just going to get back on the same plane in Vancouver so there was no worry of actually missing the connection. They did make us deplane so they could check to see if we had the correct visas to enter Australia (of course I did!) For those who followed my adventures in trying to stay in Australia a few months longer to wait for Cam so we could move together, you would know I'm not clueless about visas. Apparently the airline gets fined $5000 for everyone they send without a visa.

Despite the wait to get every document checked, we managed to take off in good time. The flight, according to someone who knows such things, is about an hour shorter than normal. That means we have more time to do customs, pick up bags, drop off bags, get the shuttle over to the domestic terminal, coffee up, and make our flight. Double bonus!

Air Canada isn't as good as Qantas when it comes to transporting people in a large metal tube through the air for long distances. Yes, it does transport us through the air for a long distance, but Qantas is better on the inside. Random mango frozen dessert in the middle of the night? Okay! TV shows that don't start several seasons in? I understand the plot! Good beer? If you insist!

4:48 to go!

It's getting lighter outside!

Both of us managed to get some sleep. Most of it was 20 minutes here and there, I did get a solid hour and a half in. There's no one behind us so I put my seat all the way back guilt free. I'm so sore, but I'm not experiencing the same sleep deprived travel madness I had on the flight back from Thailand. The small amount of sleep is keeping me from accepting my fate of having to power through and abandoning attempts to sleep. It also means I don't give a Cam a crazy-eyed smile telling him I've been up too long.

Wombie and I are watching the small air plane on the screen slowly creep towards Australia on the various maps.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unlucky Unlocking for Universal Usage

Before returning to Canada, I bought a Galaxy Siii outright from a store in Melbourne Central. The phone was unlocked even though it was Optus branded. We attempted to get sim cards from the cheaper phone company in Toronto, but neither of our phones would connect to the network. Our next stop was at one of the big three companies, Bell, where thankfully our phones did work on their network.

About a year ago my phone wouldn't turn on even with a different battery. Bought in Australia, but died in Canada. The sadly meant that Samsung Canada wouldn't do anything to help me fix the problem. The phone was returned to Australia and now has a new home. I bought another phone outright from Bell, my service provider, since I didn't want to give in and go on a three-year contact. You would think buying a phone at full price and not being on a contract would mean the phone would be unlocked, but no. They could unlock it for $56, but that required call them up to do it.

We attempted to unlock it following instructions on the internet - that failed. Downloaded an unlock app - model not supported. Fine, I'll give in and get them to unlock it for a price - ha! The first time I phoned, the call disconnected after 25 minutes on hold. The second time I waited 55 minutes for an unlock code that didn't even work. The third time was a 80 minute wait. Apparently his manager is looking in to it and will get back to me within a few days.

Cam paid to get an unlock code from the internet that thankfully worked. He did spend awhile trying to do it for free, but none of his efforts were successful. I attempted to get an unlock code from the same site, but you can probably guess how that turned out. They sent me the same code that Bell had given me the day before. I'll have to send them a video of our attempts to use the code as proof to get a refund.

Still locked. Should have gotten a nexus.