Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wombie, Woms, Wombie Woms, Wombles

Wombie (rhymes with zombie) is a well travelled wombat who has seen more of the world in a year and a half than some people will ever see in their life. Since he's a fairly uncommon animal, he often gets mistaken for a beaver or bear. He doesn't have the best attitude and he's a bit racist, but that's easy to ignore when few people can understand him.

Wombie has been travelling with us everywhere ever since we picked him up from a tourist shop in Melbourne the day before we left for Toronto. He's a great little traveller to bring along. Just the right size and shape to carry in a bag and soft enough to be a pillow.

People everywhere in the world love Wombie. Our niece, originally the intended owner, has been his fan for most of her life and would happily say 'Wom Wom!' every time she saw him. I'm not sure if Wombie picked that greeting up from her or if it was the other way around. If Wombie waves at you, his 'Wom Woms' will get more insistent and he won't stop waving until you wave back.

I think most people are surprised to see two adults with a stuffed animal (especially when Woms breaks out into song and dance.) Once they realise he's not a real animal he usually gets smiles from the staff when we bring him out at restaurants. Every flight attendant has commented on how cute he is sitting buckled in to the spare seat between Cam and I (he was a bit miffed that he didn't get a snack.)

We usually keep Wombie in Cam's bag, The Wombie Carrier, with his head poking out one side. This has caused many good reactions when various people open the bag to inspect it. A TSA agent claimed he was bitten when we were going through security. Pretty sure he was telling slanderous lies since Wombie is more of a hitter than a biter.

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