Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We flew into Bangkok with no problems and easily found our hotel. Since we only had a night planned there we went to a travel agency to book flights and hotels on two of the islands. Although we were really tired, we took a cab to Kao San Road. We enjoyed watching tourists from a balcony while we enjoyed a beer. Moved on to another bar for some Sang Som and red bull that we drank from a bucket. People constantly came around to try and sell us roasted scorpions, but turned them down. We ended up talking to a British couple who had also landed that day, but hadn't slept in many hours. Apparently there was a guy in the men's bathroom creeping on all the men who came in.

The next day we got on a plane for Phuket, a long drive across the island and then a ferry to Ko Phi Phi. Cam had forgotten his phone in the cab to the ferry, but luckily he realized before the driver was too far away. Our hotel wasn't too close to the busy part of the island. The island was too tourist focused for my liking, but it was fairly quiet where we were. Getting away from the crowds and having to do anything was a good thing because both of us spent most of our time on the island being really sick.

We did walk into town during a heavy rainstorm just to do something. The path was very muddy and slippery. Many hours were spent watching movies and learning English from an Australian program. It was a bit concerning that a snake had obviously been in our shower at some point. Wombie made friends with the small lizard that hung around our bathroom for a bit. I was glad to leave even if we had to go by ferry again.

We didn't do much in Phuket. There was an Australian bar that Cam wanted to check
 out, but after walking up and down the street we couldn't find it. Made the mistake of going to, and use the term loosely, an Italian resturant. You know you're in a classy joint when you watch the waiter pour a glass of red wine from a large jug they keep in the fridge. The food was just terrible. We ordered room service later that was cheaper and better. The guy who brought it up even complimented Cam on his beard.

The view of the bathroom from the bedroom
The highlight of the trip was the hotel in Bangkok. We decided that we would go all out and get a $300/ per night hotel room which gets you a lot in that city. They gave us an upgrade, but informed us it wasn't ready yet. There's a whole floor dedicated to people who spend a certain amount of money for a room. So we sat up there and had afternoon tea. I did feel out of place wearing shorts and sandals and my legs covered in bug bites. Staff constantly came by to apologize for the delay. After an hour wait, our room was finally ready. It is easy to see why! There was a dining room, living room, two bathrooms, a room for luggage, and two balconies - one even had a spa! It was ridiculous! We went to get complimentary drinks and snacks that evening. We never got around to eating dinner. It was great lounging in the spa while overlooking Bangkok at night.

I really wish I could say our trip to Bangkok ended on a high note, but alas. Didn't fully enjoy the hotel room because I was suddenly very tired early in the night. The next day I was really sick. The whole ride out to the airport (and it was a long trip!) I was trying not to throw up in the cab. Made it without any issues and spent the rest of the day in bed. Still a bit sick in the morning before our flight, but I was good when I got on the plane. Very glad to be home.

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