Monday, November 11, 2013

Motoring and Moving Water

If you had seen me freaking out at the end of the small street, with a death grip on the handlebars of a scooter, and being very short with Cam,  you will not see the rest of this update coming.

Every city I've willingly moved to has been because of very good public transport. I'm fully licenced by the Ontario government to operate a motor vehicle with the same limitations as someone who has been licenced for decades. Not once was I asked to produce proof of road savvy-ness before I took control of that scooter.

My school friend and her fellow travellers had planned to venture out to the nearby waterfalls, but bad weather had delayed their excursion. Cam was overly delighted to be able to travel with someone, especially by our own independent means. The very friendly hostel/scooter rental guy had us go up and down the narrow street to get use to the scooter before venturing out onto the main roads. It was just Cam and I left after everyone else left to fuel up. I was not feeling confident about driving all the way there and back on my own. I knew Cam would let me ride on the back of his, but he really would not of been happy about it. We attempted to return my scooter, but we had already be charged for two and we either had to pay or I would have to stick it out. I sucked it up.

I think it was just the narrow streets that got to me because I was feeling much more confident by the time we got to the gas station. It was great fun motoring up to the waterfalls. I wish I focused more on the scenery than trying to avoid all the potholes since the surrounding area was lovely. We passed school kids who were happily waving at the passing tourists and I managed to avoid the potholes while waving back. There were a very cows on the road, but not one returned my greeting. The soldiers practising their use of assault rifles in the field next to a school was a bit concerning.

The falls were great fun. Standing under the large waterfall was almost a bit too refreshing even on such a hot day. It wasn't an easy trek up the almost vertical hill to get to the top of the waterfall. Of course Wombie wasn't pulling his weight, but instead enjoyed a comfy ride to the top in his carrier. The other way down was only a bit easier. It did have some stone steps that were a bit slippery from being partly under the falls.

Some water and really good street food before we headed back to town before it got dark. A relaxed dinner by the river as we all started to fall asleep. Cam and I were going to take the long way to return the scooters, but in the dark we realised that his lights weren't working. It wasn't the most pleasant ride back with Cam following close behind while I attempted to make it through the city alive.

Another walk through the night market to get booties for Wombie, a drink on the other side, and purchasing aloe before heading back to the hotel.

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