Saturday, October 19, 2013

Suffocatingly Small Spaces for Smoking

It's been almost a decade since someone in a restaurant has asked me if I wanted to be in the smoking or non- smoking section.

Smoking indoors is still a thing in Tokyo. Which is unfortunate with all the small spaces they have.

I can deal with two twin mattresses pushed together to pass as a double, or the duvet made of two smaller ones velcroed together, or the tiny window, or the slightly claustrophobic room. But it harder to deal with all that when it's a smoking room. When everything reeks of stale cigarettes it makes the room seem so much smaller and it doesn't get much smaller than Tokyo. We attempted to mask the smell with air freshener, but without proper ventilation the added chemicals made it even harder to breathe.

Being smothered by smoke can really take away from the experience of eating in a tiny little restaurant down a small alleyway. It was almost dizzying sitting on the top floor of a narrow, but tall bar down a different small alleyway.

Smoking indoors is still a thing in Vietnam, but at least they have more space.

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