Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pearson International

I've always liked Pearson International airport and today I discovered it has gotten even better. A few years ago it started free airport-wide wifi that is good in the more isolated areas. The new terminal is spacey and now includes fast walkways and super fast walkways to help you get across all this space. There are now restaurants with an ipad at every seat you can order food and drink with. The best part is that they are not single purpose. Flight details and internet are available to use while you wait.

I was finishing packing at 11am and Cam was jumping up and down telling that we were late. We weren't. No traffic, just had to drop off bags, no line at security, and boarding isn't until an hour and a half (thanks for the info ipad) Preflight beers and a walk around the terminal before boarding. It's been too easy.

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