Thursday, October 3, 2013

Montreal tomorrow.

Before our trip to Asia (just over a week) we're spending the weekend in Montreal! I've never been.

This trip was an extremely thoughtful wedding present from a group of friends and family. There's a nifty to-do list attached! It looks fascinating. I'm rather excited to see a French speaking city in the middle of North America. I kind of expect it to remind me of Melbourne in a few ways... Just more European feeling than Toronto? Who knows!

My #1 to do at the moment is obviously the Dieu du Ciel Brewpub. Their beer is world class. The plan is to head straight there after checking in to our B&B. Still pretty open to suggestions on what to do while we're there though!

Note: Keen observers may have noticed the blog name and URL change from wombieinasia to wombietravels. Makes more sense, why have a whole blog for just one trip?

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