Friday, October 18, 2013

Flying Metal Tube and One Year Older

A 12.5 hour flight doesn't seem like a long time until you're only a few hours in and you're staring at a map wondering how you could only be that far. I was exhausted before the plane even took off so you could imagine how I felt after being awake for more than 24 hours. At least going through customs was relatively easy. We some how took the slow way into the city without getting on a wrong train.

We have a theory that Wombie can control the weather, but he never uses that power for good. For me birthday he got my a typhoon off the Japanese Coast. Typical Wombie.

It was my birthday on 15th so we decided to go crazy and spend money on a nice hotel room for two nights. The price was ridiculously expensive, but we definitely enjoyed our stay. It provided us a good view of the heavy rain and wind that came through that night and the next morning. We attempted to brave the downpour get dinner that night, but the first place was either closed or wouldn't serve us. The second place told us they didn't speak English or have an English menu. We didn't care. We just wanted beer. Tired and soaking wet, we settled on pre-made meals and beer from the seven eleven. There was something going on in the hotel that night because we walked down a hall with professional looking people quietly lining the halls. I don't know what they thought of two drenched, under dressed foreigners walking through, but it might have been a bit judgemental. It didn't help that my waterlogged shoes were loudly squishing and the take out containers were squeaky. It was a long walk.

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